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The Elven Jedi Druid Hippie Arty Ranger :D

Time capsules, a thought....

I started reading this book Alchemy Of The Soul this morning. Its one i had on my shelf for about 3 years and I had always looked at it and gone "eh, boring irrelevant stuff" and bypassed it. I am like that. I am like a packrat with occult, metaphysical and spiritual books, even if they look uninteresting. The only ones I dont collect are the ghastly pink fluffy (yes literally, that is how the covers of said books are, they are made of pink fluff) spell books that you see around sometimes, which I think are not only silly, but positivly dangerous, and I have a deep objection to thier existance. I know several people too, who have "fried themselves" as I call it, with those. Including a friend down the road who used such a book, trying to get a lady twice his age to fall in love with him. 
Anyway, that aside, I collect loads of second hand metaphysical books. Some I read almost straight away, some go on the shelf for ages. Now whats interesting is that in the case of Alchemy  and others too, when I get them, I think that they are irrelevant, I might even read a bit, and it means nothing to me, and then goes on the shelf for years. Then I get it out again, years later and start reading it afresh, and it all suddenly falls into place. It suddenly is desparatly relevant.  I have found this happen loads of times. Thats why I never throw any of said books away. Its why I have a stack of books on the Kabbalah, that at present are beyond my understanding, but I know one day, they will fall into place as I learn and experience more. (My Kabbalistic knowledge is, at present, basic!)
And that, I think is the same process behind things like the Atlantean time capsule theory. The capsules may well have already been found, but the people examining them, have to reach a certain level of understanding and conciousness, before they realise exactly what they have in front of them. Until then, it seems meaningless and irrelevant, like these books to me, until I reach a level of understanding where I suddenly realise the relevance of what they are teaching. 
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