Amelia (ashiy) wrote in atlantis_past,


i've seen this community before, but have only just decided to join it.

i don't have any memories of any past lives, but Atlantis has always intrigued me.

The only thing that comes close to this is in my dreams, If i'm drowing in water, i stop breathing for ages, but (obviously) have to take in a big breath. this is the oddest sensation, and always makes me feel very unnerved and tense. i'm not sure if this has anything to do with it. or if my dreams are just pointing out that I am awful at swimming, which I knew anyway!
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i dream about swimming in the ocean with the dolphins and whales and in my dream i am surprised being able to breath under water, the experience of my dream i only can describe as~ liberating~
plus the speed which my body is moving , so easy ,is weightless and makes me feel very energetic when i wake up i feel refreshed , unfortunatley i do not dream this dream all to often

i can relate to what you are saying above even though it seems the total vise versa situation

By the way cool icon
thanks about the icon!

i wish my swimming dreams were as nice as yours. but since they aren't, it does make me think that they are unrelated to a past life. but this community still interests me!
I believe your dream to be profound
dreams negative /positive are related to all life new and old ~ viva J and F

Thanks for your reply

take care and all the best