The Elven Jedi Druid Hippie Arty Ranger :D (elven_ranger) wrote in atlantis_past,
The Elven Jedi Druid Hippie Arty Ranger :D

Paignton in England -  interesting rock formations in the cliff between Paignton beach and Hollicombe beach, that looks for all the world like ancient brickwork, fossilised into the sandstone. I found it in 2002 going for a walk, and emailed pics to Graham Hancock, who was pretty interested. I have never yet though been told an explanation for this rock formation....  This is the only article online I can find on the geology of the area -

two strata of what looks like fossilised brickwork in the cliff. 

  Close up of area where it looks like you can see the mortar

the cliff

two parralell tracks like wheel tracks along the base of the cliff, Since this is really soft sandstone, I think this is a lot more recent than the "brickwork"

These are new pics I took yesterday - at dusk. Xposting  from my blog
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